Florida in the Summer

Sometimes I wonder how on Earth I survived this Florida weather when I was a child. Overall, it's not too bad but there are days when the heat and humidity just wipe me out. I don't remember this stuff happening when I was a kid but then again, I had A LOT more energy then. Maybe it's a good thing our cars then didn't tell us it was 109 in the shade!

Recently I've dodged the skin cancer bullet and I'm so thankful. I have pale skin (only drawback I've found from being 100% Irish) and I've burned myself in the sun many more times than I could ever begin to count. Baby oil, blisters and peeling skin were normal things my first 18 years and I know eventually it will catch up with me but for now, I'm ok.

I went last year to have a weird and new mole on my leg checked out (it was nothing abnormal) and mentioned a little area on my nose that felt a little dry sometimes and had even bled a tiny bit after washing my face and my dermatologist was a little concerned. That ended up being some precancerous cells and she froze them off with a little liquid nitrogen and it was back to looking normal for almost a year. It came back this summer and I made an appointment right away to get it checked out. I'll admit it was mostly because of vanity but whatever works, I'm not messing around with my face!

Now I'm on a chemo cream for 4 weeks that will burn off the bad stuff and leave the non affected areas alone. I decided to do my whole nose and upper cheek areas because those were my most frequently burned places when I was a kid. I have quite a few spots on my nose that now look like the cream is working so I'm glad I took my dermatologist's advice and did a little more area than was necessary. I'd hate to kill off MOST of the precancerous cells but leave a few to develop into something worse.



Where in the world have you been?

I’ve always thought it was cool when people would say the number of states or countries that they’ve visited over the years but I never could remember how many. A friend posted a link to this site on their facebook page and I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been to 27 states out of 50, not too shabby! As you can see by the photo below, it looks like I’m fond of the East Coast

visited 27 states (54%)
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I did not do very well on the world map. Only 14 countries

visited 14 states (6.22%)
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Why Cheeky?

  • grandmother and granddaughter My blog name is kind of in honor of my grandmothers. Both are of Irish descent and both kinda have called me a brat a few times (or more). My mom’s mom is actually from Ireland, she sounds just like Mrs. Doubtfire and when she said I was a rascal she’d say that I was a “cheeky wee brat”. It was sometimes said when she was joking but wasn’t necessarily a good thing if she called you that. My other grandmother’s family was from Ireland but from a few generations back and she was the one person in my family who really got me. She raised 6 kids, 5 of them were boys and she was the perfect mom to raise 5 boys. If you said something naughty, sarcastic or funny she’d call you “fresh” and with her, this was a GOOD thing. I always got in trouble for my quick wit and sarcastic, dry sense of humor but with her, this was celebrated and that is why I named my blog after the idea of what my grandmothers said. My Irish grandmother is not online and probably wouldn’t approve of my having a blog but my Massachusetts grandmother who just died in January was online, had a Facebook page and would have gotten a kick out of reading all the various and random stories I plan to share and that I hope you enjoy.

Here are a few more random facts about me and my family

  •      Random fact 6. I had all 4 grandparents until July 4th of 2013 when my grandfather (Granda) died. Then, six months later to the day, my Massachusetts grandmother (known as Grammy) died. 4 days after that, her husband (Grampy) died. Not even 24 hours after his wife’s funeral! Whats even weirder is that when Granda died on July 4th, I was in my car on the way to visit him and I was talking to my other grandparents up North, wishing them a happy anniversary. I still have one grandmother left and she’s pretty sick but I hope she makes it past July 4th. I’d hate to have to say I lost all 4 grandparents in one year. I do know though that I am very lucky to have had 34-35 years with so many grandparents.
  • 7. I was a movie extra (unpaid) in the movie Space Cowboy when I worked at the Space Center. Its a totally cheesy movie but I am visible in the movie and I got to shake hands with Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland. When I saw the movie in the theater I was crossing all my fingers and toes that a small piece of me could be seen just because I thought it would be cool to see that and I know my blood pressure was off the chart waiting for that scene.


alexisHi, my name is Alexis and welcome to my little home on the web. My “real” name is Alexis and I go by that by 98% of the people I know but for some reason my husband insists on calling me Alex. He and everyone that has met me through him tends to call me Alex. Growing up the name Alexis was sorta uncommon unless you were a Spanish or Greek little boy or a fan of Dynasty so I’ve learned to answer anytime I hear a name that has an “X” in it so Alexis or Alex is fine with me. I’ve blogged off and on for a few years but I’ve decided to get back into it because although I waste a lot of time online I needed to find a way to turn it to be somewhat productive. Using my creative skills and typing online (heaven for an introvert) is a way to be productive while still mostly goofing off online. I hope you’ll stay, drop me a comment or two or ask me a question.