Thankful for Being Great

Feeling great

After hearing Trump’s campaign slogan for months and months on end, it really has me thinking about when we, as a country were great? And me personally, when was life great? And what am I thankful for? As a country, I think we are great right now and we have been heading on the right path. Sure, there are some things that need to change but overall, I’m happy with the progress that has been made in our country. Health insurance is now an option for ALL and ALL adults are able to get married if they choose. Not perfect but we have made real progress in civil rights which helps us all.

Personally, its hard to pinpoint a time when things were great. It seems like something was always going on that isn’t so fun to remember. You know, fun things like parents divorcing, leaving college, friends dying, my own divorce, etc. I guess when I was growing up there were more times that seemed ok while I was in that mindset but looking back, no, not so great. I guess maybe senior year of high school if I really had to choose a time. Unfortunately, that was a loooong time ago. My parents were still married, I had a boyfriend I really cared about, and I’d been accepted to a college I loved where I’d be joined by my boyfriend and my BFF.

Too bad things kind of hit the fan at the end of my senior year but overall, that was a great year. Plus, who wouldn’t want their 18 yr old body back for a bit? 😉 I would be REALLY thankful if that showed up again.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I have a lot for which to be thankful. Its hard to think about things that you might regret and choices you’ve made that still sting to think about but sometimes you have to just focus on the positive. I have a job, pretty good health for myself and my family and a safe place to live. All great things to have!