Last Sunday, I did not feel quite the same amount of dread about returning to work the next day as I have felt on previous Sunday nights. I have made up my mind that I am going to change my situation and although not a lot of actual work had been done towards the goal of changing, just the mental boost from making a decision was enough. My side hustle is going to be photography. Its what I do for my job, but the side hustle will be things I want to take pictures of and that interest me.

So, I have a 9-5 job that isn’t terrible but there are definitely problems, mostly with how I feel like I am not respected in my current role. I like the people with whom I work but I’m not a great fit in my department and I spend way too much time frustrated that I feel left out or that my boss has no idea what I do. My decision in the last couple of weeks is to keep on doing my regular 9-5 job but to start working towards bringing in more money on the side so that I don’t feel so STUCK. I do photography and enjoy when I’m actually taking the photos but its the office part of the job that leaves me frustrated so finding a way to do more photography will help me feel better.

Side Hustle Progress:

  • Bought domain name for photography business
  • Narrowed down type of photography I’d like to do (Newborn, children and possibly birth photography)
  • Watched videos for techniques and posing options for newborn photography
  • Bought a few props to use
  • Scoured Pinterest for DIY photo props and bought supplies

I hope to add more items to my list this coming week. I have a few ideas for photo props to DIY and I need to make a list of parents I can contact to start practicing this type of photography. Its not much but I wish I could accurately explain what a relief it is to finally have some sort of plan in place and a goal I can work towards.

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